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About Us:

What is Align Hot Pilates?

Align Hot Pilates is a training system that combines Pilates principles with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This system is designed to strengthen muscles, burn fat stored, increase flexibility and improve cardiovascular fitness. The magic of HIIT lies in its ability to keep burning fat even after you leave the studio. When undertaking high-intensity training, your body is unable to uptake enough oxygen to fuel your muscles, resulting in an oxygen debt being created. In order for your body to repair itself post-workout, the body continues to break down stored fat for fuel to help it recover. The end result is that your resting metabolic rate remains elevated for up to 48 hours post-workout.  

About Us:
Amy Kreminski

Certified Instructor and Founder

Amy Kreminski has an extensive background in fitness & wellness, including at least 19 years’ experience teaching students around the country. She enjoys assisting and guiding others on their path to becoming the best version of themselves. In addition to holding an international coaching certificate by the International Yoga Sports Association, she has coached and mentored athletes to an international standard for yoga competitions. Over the years, Amy has also judged and competed in championships herself.


Keen to bring something new to her studio, Bikram Yoga Adelaide, Amy discovered Hot Pilates and was intrigued! Having always loved the heat, she was immediately drawn to this style of training. And so, in 2015, Amy travelled to Las Vegas to complete her training and then brought Hot Pilates to South Australia. Since this time, she has witnessed Hot Pilates grow in popularity and momentum.


Amy loves seeing the profound effect that a regular practice has on individuals and watching people transform themselves and their lives. It has inspired her to launch Adelaide’s first and quality Align Hot Pilates Teacher Training in early 2021 so that others can also learn to become skilled and effective Hot Pilates teachers!


About Us:

 The Warm-Up: Deep Breathing and Glute Bridges

We begin ​the class with deep breathing to help you bring your focus into the room. This is followed by a series of exercises which target your glutes and thigh muscles. These muscles often become dormant from a lifestyle of too much sitting - in the car, at home and at work. Our aim in this part of the class is to activate these muscles by building strength in the glutes and as a result this tones up the glute and thigh area. The glute muscles form an integral part of the posterior chain and strength in this area can reduce the bodyweight load on the knees, hips, lower back and even your shoulders.

Abs & Upper Body: Time to get that 6-pack & build strength!

In the next part of the class, we start our interval training. The Core and HIIT series is based around a 30-second active and 5-second transition interval training system. The Core Series targets the abdominal and back muscles; building a strong midsection and developing those 6-pack abs!​

HIIT Training: Time to amp up that heart rate!

The HIIT training is where we really turn up the tempo. Staying with our interval training format we begin to incorporate bodyweight strength training. Many people engage in low-intensity cardio activities, and although they are burning calories, many people find that their body reaches a steady state. The body adjusts to the workload and tries to conserve energy. Studies suggest that HIIT is more effective than traditional cardio for burning fat and increasing aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Alternating between bursts of high cardio and resistance exercises keeps your body in a constant state of confusion and therefore prevents your body from adapting to the workout. This results in more calories being used by your body and greater fat loss. ​

Active Recovery: Slow down and breathe

The final minutes in class are the time to slow down to allow your heart rate to drop gradually We bring the class to the floor and undertake gentler, toning exercises followed by a short savasana (dead body pose) and deep breathing. Your heart rate and breathing begin to return to normal while the post-workout endorphins begin to surge - making you feel amazing.​

This sounds great... But why is it so hot?!

Heat training has been used by athletes for a number of years. By acclimatising the body to a warmer environment, you begin to sweat and your body works hard to cool itself, earlier in your workout. Although the room is hot and you feel hot, studies have shown your core temperature remains constant. The heat also intensifies and adds a mental element to your workout. The challenge is finding comfort in your discomfort and realising that you are stronger than you ever imagined...

Our advice for beginners:

Keep moving... It is not easy at first but if you keep moving and try your hardest, you will become better, stronger and fitter than you ever thought possible. There are modifications given, or the option to slow down if you need. Always push yourself - that's the only way to keep improving. We are committed to supporting you during your time with us. We can't wait for you to see the results from Align Hot Pilates. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask your Hot Pilates Instructor.